Tutorial flight controls on RTL 1090XHSI

Flight controls on RTL 1090XHSI

  • You download this file πŸ˜› put the drivers on Windows of RTL-SDR. You use Zadig.exe
You put all the ADSB Software folder in windows "C". After installing the RTL-SDR drivers on Windows, open "rtl1090.beta3.exe" and see if your RTL dongle receives airplanes.

  • In rtl1090.beta3 you put this settings:
  • You open: Software ADSB/XHSI-2-0-Beta-7/XHSI2_app/Windows/XHSI2.exe and put this settings:
  • In AptNav Resources directory you put the route of the Windows folder where there is XHSI2.exe

  • In XHSI preferences you put this settings:

  • If you change the numbers, increase the size of the commands

...we begin to receive

  1. Start rtl1090.beta3 
  2. Start rtl1090XHSI.exe
  3. Start C:\Software ADSB\XHSI-2-0-Beta-7\XHSI2_app\Windows\XHSI2.exe
  • You wait for XHSI to load all plugins
  • As soon as an aircraft appears in the list of RTL1090, you put the first few digits of the ICAO code of the aircraft in rtl1090XHSI.exe
  • You see the moving controls of the aircraft corresponding to the ICAO code you entered earlier
  • You check that the orange UDP button. If he's on it's ok, he's data to XHSI
  • This tutorial is also on the official blog RTL-SDR.com

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    Anonymous said…
    I really like what you made here. Any chance you can make similar guide for MAC users?

    IT9YBG said…
    No, sorry! :-(