Tutorial Radar for ADSB mode.

RaspberryPI and dongle RTLSDR 

  • You follow these instructions to install the RTLSDR drivers and the Dump1090 deamon on the RaspberryPI.

  • You follow these  instructions  to install PiAwareRadar

Open the terminal and launch these commands: 
cd dump1090
and then
./dump1090  --net --enable-agc --interactive --ppm (it depends on your dongle)

You go to your browser and see if it works and you get airplanes, you type the internal IP address of your raspberryPi with port 8080
  • You should get this: 

  • You open another terminal window in RaspberryPi and write this string:
python3 PiAwareRadar/piawareradar/piawareradar.py 39.1730 19.5334

You replace the coordinates with coordinates of your location, you respect the format.

  • You should get this:

My setup:

  • Antenna:

  • This tutorial is also on the official blog RTL-SDR.com